Michael E. Byczek, Technical Consultant
Michael E. Byczek

Oracle Cloud-based Analytics

The Oracle Cloud has two options for business analytics.

1. Platform as a Service (PaaS) for developers to rapidly build and deploy applications.

2. Software as a Service (SaaS) for cloud-based applications integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities.

SaaS also includes data as a service (DaaS).

PaaS includes the categories of Business Analytics (Business Intelligence, Big Data Discovery, Big Data Preparation, Data Visualization, and Internet of Things) and Data Management (Big Data, NoSQL Database, Database, and Database Backup).


Business Intelligence
  • Combine data from any source to create BI apps for agile analysis
  • Visualizations and advanced calculations available
Big Data Preparation
  • Built in Hadoop and Spark
  • Structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
  • Scalable for iterative machine learning in clustered compute environment
  • Clean data by removing nonessential characters
  • Identify duplications
  • Machine learning recommendations
  • Schema detection for metadata in headers, fields, and tags
Internet of Things
  • Connect, analyze, and integrate device data into business applications
  • Enrich raw data streams
Big Data Discovery
  • Built on Hadoop for intuitive/visual interface
  • Transform raw data from Hadoop into actionable insight
  • Interactive catalog of all data in Hadoop
  • Combine datasets
Data Visualization
  • Visual drag-and-drop analysis
  • Select data in one visualization with related data highlighted elsewhere to find patterns
  • Database as a Service from Oracle in the cloud
  • Exadata service
  • Choose version, edition, and management options
Big Data
  • Hadoop-based elastic service integrated with Oracle databases
  • Provision Hadoop clusters on demand
  • Kerberos and LDAP authentication
  • Data Integration, R, Spatial, and Graph Software
Database Backup
  • Transparant backup management
  • Redundancy policies and encryption
  • Auto expire data no longer needed
NoSQL Database
  • Low latency key-value database with JSON support
  • SQL, NoSQL, Java, Node, and Python ready

HCM Analytics
  • HR and Workforce effectiveness
CRM Analytics
  • Customer and sustainable growth
ERP Analytics
  • Operational effectiveness and intelligent business processes
SCM Analytics
  • Streamline daily operations and optimize supply network

  • Offline, online, social, search, mobile, and email data
Customer Intelligence
  • Understand consumer needs through unstructured social/enterprise data
  • Complete social picture of customers and contacts

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